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Welcome to Performance Studios

    At Performance Studios we strive to provide professional instruction and education of techniques and skills in all aspects of dance, drama, and music.  Here at Performance Studios we wish to provide an open arena environment where a student can not only discover a passion and love for the arts, but also develop confidence, self-esteem, and healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Performance Studios is a place where lifelong friendships can develop and grow, and the imagination of your child can run wild while still learning self-discipline and the structure that is necessary to become a successful and well-rounded student of the arts.  


    While a student may choose to concentrate on honing their craft in one aspect of the arts, here at Performance Studios we encourage an environment where students may cooperate with all aspects of the performing arts world. We provide opportunities for our students that will embrace and integrate all parts of the performing arts with the opportunity to perform together in cohesive performances.

Coronavirus Updates

Here are the steps we are taking the we reopen our doors this summer and fall

Most Importantly

We ask that anyone not feeling well please stay home.  Common symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breathe. Teachers and staff will observe this as well .  We will provide subs whenever possible, but we will cancel a class if we cannot find one rather than put your children at risk. 

  1. Limiting class sizes.  At Performance Studios we have always prided our selves in providing smaller class sizes limiting our combo class sizes to 6 or 8, and the majority if the other classes at 9. Combo classes will be limited to either 6 or 8 students to allow for 1 teacher and 1 student teacher.   We will continue to limit our class sizes but our older students classes will be limited to 10 students with 1 teacher. No exceptions will be made to this. 

  2. Adjusting class times.  Each class will  end 5 minutes early to allow two things to happen.  The space to empty before the next class comes in, and to give staff time to clean and disinfect. 

  3. Performance Studios lobby will be open but seating will only be set out that will allow for social distancing. ​

  4. Heightened cleaning protocols before and after each class, as well as extra deep cleaning of the entire studio thru out the week.  

  5. Elimination of cubby/shelf storage system.

    1. Students are asked only to bring in what is absolutely necessary with them in a small bag to class.

    2. Each student will get a STATION NUMBER and they will store there items there. Bags will be kept in the classrooms with them.

    3.   Cellphones will need to be turned completely off. Any parent wishing to get to communicate with their child will be able to do so by calling the desk at the studio.

  6. Washing hands often! Hand sanitizing before and after class, as well as during if necessary.  We will have a sanitizing station in each of our class rooms and anyone is welcome to wash their hands as needed.

    1. Teachers will use hand sanitizer both before and after spotting students. 

  7. Masks.     Mask are optional for all students. 

Updated 9/10/21

This is a lot. We know. We are so excited to get back to the studio but nervous as well.  Please remember this is as big of a change for us as it is for you and we are doing everything we can to keep our students and their families safe and healthy. We love our Studio Family!






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