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Performance Studios Dress Codes

four ballerinas dressed for their dance lesson
Why are Dress Codes important?

Dress codes promote a community and a dancer's identity when they walk into the studio for their Dance Lessons, it inspires discipline in our students and helps to promote safety.  


Most importantly when students are dressed appropriately for class their instructor are able to check their bodies alignment and make appropriate corrections to help prevent injuries.  

We ask that all students please follow the dress code. If a student comes to class and is not dressed properly they maybe be asked to sit and observe the class for the day. We also have appropriate dance items that can be borrowed for the day and returned when class is over. We ask that no jewelry be worn to class, as this is a safety hazard.

-There is to be no jewelry worn during class.

-All hair should be pulled up into a ponytail or bun

and be off the face.



Leotard, tights, and teacher approved fitted warm- up clothes.

Ballet shoes or pointe shoes (teacher approval) are needed for ballet.



Leotard, footless tights, and teacher approved fitted warm-up clothes.

Modern is done barefoot.



Leotard, tights, and jazz shorts, capri’s, or pants with teacher approved fitted warm - up clothes.

Combo Jazz and Jazz I will wear black ballet Jazz shoes. Jazz 2, 3, and 4 is done barefoot.


Leotard with jazz shorts, capri’s, or pants, and teacher approved fitted warm-up clothes.

Black tie tap shoes are need for the beginner tap class, tan character shoes are need for advanced tap.


Loose fitting comfortable clothing with leotard. Black low top Converse Sneakers

Mommy and Me

Moms: Loose fitting, comfortable clothing

Children: leotards with tights


Adult Classes

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing

with class appropriate footwear.

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